Brand Solutions

We have the right packaging for your product

We will advise you in detail and recommend the optimum packaging for your product. We offer a wide variety of packaging formats to choose from:

Stand-up pouches (Doy)

Side-sealed bags

Stand-up pouches with zip lock

Stand-up pouches with or without windows

Side-sealed stand-up pouches

Folded boxes for paste cubes or pressed cubes

Folded boxes with internal bag

Folded boxes with loose bag

Glass jar with twist-off lid

Cardboard can with protective film and PE lid

Composite can with protective aluminium foil and PE lid

Tin can

Plastic cup

Plastic bottle with screw cap

Metal can with PE lid and tamper-evident latch


Single-portion cup

Composite cup with membrane, folding lid and measuring spoon

PurePack with screw cap

Folded box with bag

Thermoform tray

Wide neck PET jar with screw cap

Wide neck glass jar with protective film and screw cap

Corrugated cardboard with bag-in-box