Consumer Brands

Our brands for consumers

The Consumer Brands Division unites the core business of Hügli’s own brands for consumers with high-quality branded products.


Our extensive range offers a great variety of organic, vegetarian and vegan products, accompanying you through the day from morning until night.


The product portfolio includes


  • Soups and stews, sauces, bouillons, seasonings and ready-made meals
  •  Sandwich spreads and patés
  • Vegan and vegetarian meat substitutes
  • Nut purées
  • Cereals
  • Direct juices and vegetable juices
  • Oils and deli products
  • Dairy products, cheese and eggs

The products from the brands EDEN, granoVita, Heirler, Cenovis, Neuco, Natur Compagnie and Erntesegen are marketed by health-food shops and natural food shops, as well as to some extend by the food retail trade and by export trade.

Products from the brands tellofix and OSCHO are primarily sold to consumers via direct distribution channels (weekly markets, mobile traders, mail order and online trade).