Private Label Retail

Expertise in development, production and marketing

The Private Label Retail division supplies retail organisations, especially discounters and consumer markets in Europe. The product range consists of soups, sauces, bouillons as well as pasta and rice meals, pasta sauces and desserts in different retail packaging.

Private Label Retail means that we develop and produce goods based on your ideas and wishes as well as our knowledge of markets and products. It is our goal to quickly provide our customers with solutions that fully correspond with the respective individual demands. Depending on your requirements, we can offer an all-inclusive service package or individual components:

  • Analysis of the respective competitive environment
  • Creation of a product range based on the private label strategy
  • Development of individual recipes according to specifications
  • Recommendation of suitable packaging
  • Implementation of design specifications
  • Production of approved products
  • Continuous adherence to all agreed quality standards

Because of the international orientation of our organisation – we are developing, producing and helping customers at our locations in Radolfzell (Germany), Zasmuky (Czech Republic), Redditch (England) and Brivio (Italy) – we know the international market and can also advise customers internationally.