Your career at Hügli

We are there for you and you for us...

... what is important to us

We want to make the start at Hügli as easy as possible for new employees. Prior to your start date, we will provide you with a lot of useful information about our company, your tasks and the work environment. This allows new employees to familiarise themselves with the company and learn about important areas. Starting with their first day, we provide new employees with thorough instructions on their tasks and organisational structures and help them get acquainted with their work environment.

We support new employees to help them settle in quickly and begin working independently, because the personal success of each individual is a success for the company as a whole. Regular feedback sessions are part of the integration process and serve as a platform for performance evaluation and personal exchanges.

We are investing in our employees because those who make demands also need to be willing to provide support. Making demands and providing support go hand in hand with regard to management and personnel development. Things like education and continued internal training are very important to us because the success of the company depends on what each individual can contribute to it.

The basis for our activities regarding continued training and education is a systematic analysis of our needs. Individual education concepts are developed together.

Hügli believes that the future belongs to teams and not individuals. Interdisciplinary work is our modus operandi.

We have to keep our eyes open and think outside the box in a complex and exciting environment.

We reward dedication. In addition to financial rewards - because money is not everything - we also offer other incentives that make life and work with Hügli easier. Hügli offers attractive flexible working schedules. This allows employees, following consultation with their superior, to create a flexible schedule that allows them to better combine the demands of work and family. In the entire company, the hours of work are calculated on an annual basis. The resulting flexibility benefits employees and the company.

We also offer travel expenses. Many non-work related activities, like our annual company party show that we are not just focused on business. When it comes to retirement planning we are looking ahead. We actively look to help, whether through the pension fund or the option of deferred compensation.