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Are you looking for a partner and supplier for products under your brand in the food retail sector? We develop and produce high-quality products for end consumers according to your individual requirements and taking into account changing consumer needs and market trends. With our comprehensive knowledge of the private label business, we help you to successfully market your products and establish innovative new products. Innovative strength and market know-how as well as qualitative, efficient processes are our strengths. Our marketing and sales specialists as well as food technologists will be happy to advise you on the development and marketing of your products.

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Thanks to these core competencies from Hügli, your product will be a success.


Profit from our expertise! Our experts in category management constantly observe the relevant markets and analyse consumer needs and trends in order to conceptually derive needs-based new product ideas for your individual brand.

Product development

The development of our products is based on many years of experience, innovation and attention to detail. Our team of experts supports you from the first enquiry to the successful product launch. We develop individual solutions for you so that the product fits perfectly with your brand and the needs of your customers.


We produce your products with our state-of-the-art facilities according to your guidelines - whether organic, vegan or gluten-free. We are also highly flexible when it comes to packaging and offer a wide range of possible end consumer packaging.


Through our partnership-based cooperation with you, we increase the benefits for your customers every day.

Our product categories

Our broad Hügli product portfolio for your brands.


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Tradition since 1935
The history of Hügli began in 1935 with the first industrially produced bouillon cube from Hügli and even today our bouillons are the heart of the Hügli ranges with incomparable taste. Since the company was founded, vegetable or meat bouillons have been part of our fixed convenience range. They bring intense flavour to every dish and are an indispensable aid in every kitchen, whether as the basis for tasty soups and sauces or as a versatile seasoning in savoury dishes. Trends to conceptually derive need-based new product ideas for your individual brand.


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Not only for the cold season.
On cold winter days, many people feel hungry for a warm soup. But even on the warm days of the year, a light vegetable soup can satisfy many a hunger. With our large soup portfolio, we offer you a variety of tasty soups. From clear spring soup to delicious cream soup or spicy goulash soup with chowder, as cooking soup, instant soup or ready-to-eat in a jar, everything is available. Classic or unusual - we will be happy to advise you.


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Sauces for all situations
With a good sauce, even the simplest dish becomes a treat for the palate. With our versatile range of sauces, we at Hügli offer you a large selection of liquid or dry sauces for every dish, whether Italian pasta sauce for a simple pasta dish or spicy gravy for an elaborate main course. The quick and easy preparation means that your customers have more time to enjoy their meal.


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With the right seasoning to unmistakable taste
Our ready-made products, seasonings and versatile seasoning mixes give dishes that certain something in a quick and easy way and thus guarantee success in your customers' kitchens. Whether to simplify preparation with classic fix products, or as a means of ensuring a safe taste experience with delicious national and international seasoning mixes, we offer you a wide range of aromatic and tasty product solutions.

Ready meals

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Not only fast, but also delicious
Sometimes things have to be done quickly. That's why we offer you and your customers a wide selection of delicious ready meals that can be prepared quickly and easily at home or on the go. Whether simple instant meals, ready meals for boiling up, for simple heating or even ready to eat - with our ready meals, delicious and varied dishes can be prepared in no time at all. Our convenience products range from rice and pasta ready meals, to mashed potatoes and delicious vegetarian meat substitutes.

Health & Nutrition

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The ideal supplement for a good body feeling
Our versatile product portfolio in the Health & Nutrition segment ranges from protein-rich Sports and Active Nutrition products with functional and nutritional benefits, to innovative nutritional supplements for health and well-being, to low-calorie Weight Management and meal replacement products in the form of shakes, baking mixes, soups and ready meals. Innovative, effective and delicious for your brand.

Highest quality in your product

From organic to gluten-free to vegan. You determine the requirements for your product. 

As a leading international supplier of dry and wet products, we focus on the highest quality in every product. During development, we pay attention to the use of high-quality raw materials and careful composition of the recipes according to your wishes. To ensure our high product quality, we are often certified according to essential quality and safety standards in the food sector. We will be happy to help you determine the right requirements for your products based on current market trends, so that they can become a sustainable success.

- Organic
- Vegan
- Free from
- Added Value
- Clean Label
- Health & Nutrition

Concentrated packaging competence

Our packaging range for your brand is as diverse as your wishes.


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Our variety of jars are suitable for our classic, the versatile bouillon powder, as well as for liquid sauces, soups, stocks, stews, spreads and much more.

Folding boxes

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Our folding boxes are a versatile packaging solution for stock cubes, ready meals, soups and much more.

Beach bottom bag, tubular bag, Doypack

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We offer a variety of bag options as a packaging solution for your product. Whether stand-up pouches, tubular pouches or even a classic doypack, the choice is yours.


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Our cups are the ideal packaging solution for quick instant ready meals.

Cardboard wrap tins

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We are also happy to pack your products in a practical cardboard wrap tin for multiple use. From large to small, we offer the right tin for your product.

Sustainable packaging

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We are constantly working to make our packaging range even more sustainable. With the motto recycle, reduce, reuse, we rely on recyclable materials, reduce the use of packaging and rely on recycled materials wherever possible.

From the idea to the finished product

With its private label expertise, Hügli supports your brand all the way to a successful launch.

1. counselling

We start our cooperation with an uncomplicated and personal conversation. You explain to us your ideas about the product: composition, flavour, claims, packaging and distribution channel. If you do not yet have any concrete ideas in one of these areas, we will be happy to support you with our many years of expertise in the marketing and distribution of private label products.

2. product development

Our experienced development team worked out different product variants for your own brand. In close exchange with you, we work our way towards the perfect product for your company. Our specialists for development, marketing and sales always keep an eye on your requirements with the appropriate market positioning.

3. packing

The right packaging is crucial for a successful product. Our specialists deal with different types of packaging every day and can suggest a successful packaging concept for you. From sourcing the material to printing and production, we take care of all the steps for you.

4. sales support

Once the product has been developed, produced and packaged, it needs optimal distribution for long-term success. You can rely on our sales specialists, who know the retail trade structures inside out. Even after the product has been launched, our marketing and sales experts are there to advise you.


New, innovative and interesting things from Hügli. Read our news.

Internal snack tasting with Food Industry Seasonings

Internal snack tasting with Food Industry Seasonings

At the end of March, Hügli's staff restaurant in Steinach SG, Switzerland, was the venue for an internal snack tasting organised by Hügli Food Industry. This Hügli division specialises in the production of flavouring components for the food and snack processing industry.
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"Best Product Green Award" for Hügli

Hügli received silver recognition in the "Best Product Green Award" for its outstanding organic demi ice cream presented in sustainable packaging. The Kitchen Award acknowledges Hügli's commitment to producing food sector products that stand out for their remarkable sustainability, superior quality, and practicality in everyday kitchen use.
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Snack Seasonings Adventure Park

Snack Seasonings Adventure Park

The new snack seasonings from Hügli Food Industry bring the flavours of an adventure park directly to your snacks. With various special effects, the palate experiences a rollercoaster ride.
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