Food Industry

We're adding flavour to your meal!

Our innovative flavouring concept is called "Flavour System." It is set up like a pyramid and consists of base notes, profile flavours and top notes:

  • Base notes are flavoured products that give your recipes an unspecified, well-rounded (umami) note Some base notes provide a slight flavour like beef, chicken or vegetable.

    Traditional base notes are hydrolysed vegetable proteins (HVP: liquid or as granulated broth), flavour enhancers or yeast extract as well as soy sauce, etc.

    Based on your specification, we can also provide base notes without flavour enhancers, without affecting the taste of the product.

  • Profile flavours are process flavours (as per regulation (EC) No. 1334/2008) that provide a beefy taste that is rich in flavour. These products are particularly heat resistant.
  • Top notes are those flavours that give the "Flavour System" its finishing touch and the final characteristic like grilled beef