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Our customer’s requirements are varied and different. That’s why we offer a diverse range of packaging and product formats through to bespoke recipes. We can produce blends in the form of powders, paste, granules, cubes as well as liquids.

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Antipasti are Italian appetisers that are often served in bite-sizes and can therefore be used as finger foods. Hügli antipasti are made from authentic Italian ingredients and include a range of grilled Mediterranean vegetables, cheeses, seafood and cold meats all of which are marinated in sunflower oil and packed in ready to serve packaging. We guarantee constant high quality and availability year-round.


Bouillon/Broth is a savoury stock that can be used as a base for a soup, as a hot beverage or as a seasoning for sauces casseroles. The most popular flavours are beef, chicken and vegetable, but other varieties such as mushroom, fish, miso, stir-fry, garlic and herbs exist in our extensive ranges. Hügli bouillons are available either as stock cubes in different pack sizes, or as instant powders in glass jars, refill packs or composite cans. We also manufacture bouillons as granules and these are sold in bulk formats to industrial customers.

Burgers/Vegetarian burgers

Hügli produces a range of burger and vegetarian burger mixes which are made from different types of cereals, herbs and spices. Simply prepared with water, they can be formed into burgers or meat balls and fried in a pan.


Compounds are blends of different of ingredients that Hügli manufacturers for industrial customer who have out sourced some or part of their production to us. We manage the entire supply chain including purchasing, product development, production and logistics.


Our seasonings add character to many of your dishes or provide them with the finishing touch. Whether as a powder, paste or liquid, Hügli offers a wide assortment of products ranging from the classic multi-purpose seasoning to international flavours.

Cream replacer

Cream replacer is part of Hügli's Health & Nutrition range and is a weight management product. It is a fat-reducing alternative to cream with a similar creamy consistency and colour. Cream replacer products from Hügli are produced as a dry mix with skim milk powder and other ingredients. They get their creamy consistency when the base product is blended and whipped with water.


Desserts are popular both at the end of a meal and as a "sweet treat" on their own. Hügli offers classic desserts such as mousses, sweet sauces, puddings, jellies and other innovative creations.

Dietary products

Dietary products are used for weight management and weight loss. For weight management, Hügli offers a series of meal replacement products along with complete meal replacement programs which provide 100% of the RDA of ley vitmains, minerals and nutrients. These products can be manufactured as shakes, soups, pasta dishes, rice dishes or desserts.

Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are products that supplement general nutrition intake by providing nutrients and other substances with -specific nutritional benfits or physiological effects. We are offer a range of powdered supplements, for example as instant drinks.


Dressings are liquid condiments for salads made with vinegar, oil, yoghurt, salt and spices. They can also be used as dips for vegetables, bread or meat. We are produce dressings in ready to eat liquid form or as a seasoning mix which is made up with with water, yoghurt or oil.

Drink mixes

Drink mixes are drinks that are made by dissolving a powder in water or milk. Hügli offers them as shakes, isotonic drinks, chai latte and coffee flavours, among others.

Ethnic food

The term "ethnic food" refers to food that has its origin in foreign countries and/or cultures. It covers not only traditional food products from other countries but also products that were inspired by other countries and cultures but that have been adapted to better fit the domestic market. As a food producer for private label and food industry customers, we can develop and produce a customised range of ethnic foods for you.


Flavouring is a type of food that generally consists of components that add flavour to food. It is primarily intended for customers in the food industry that use them for further food processing. With its "Flavour Systems," concept Hügli produces flavours as a three-tiered pyramid. The lowest tier consists of base notes, the middle one of profile flavours and the highest tier of top notes. Base notes contain aromatic products such as hydrolysed vegetable proteins or yeast extract, which give your recipes an unspecified, well-rounded (umami) note. Hügli profile flavours are process flavourings that give the flavouring/aroma its main taste and therefore a distinct aroma. Top note flavours round off the taste of the flavouring.

Food for seniors

In the expanding market of food for seniors, we offer a range of products with high nutritional quality and culinary sophistication. They were developed taking into account the latest findings of nutritional science regarding the nutrition of seniors.

Food paste

Our food pastes add character to many of your dishes or provide them with the finishing touch. Whether as a powder, paste or liquid, Hügli offers a wide assortment of products ranging from the classic multi-purpose seasoning to international flavours.

Functional food

Our functional foods are high-quality dry mix products which are convenient, nutritious and healthy. The products in this category include functional soups which are enriched with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals to allow our customers to make sensible health claims and consequently offer them as premium soups.

High-fibre drinks

High-fibre drinks help to supplement fibre in the diet that is missing because of modern eating habits and lifestyles. Ideally, high-fibre drinks should consist of a combination of insoluble and soluble fibres. Hügli offers a range of high-fibre powdered drink mixes in a variety of different flavours. The products are dissolved in water or milk and should be consumed prior to a meal.

Isotonic drinks

Isotonic drinks are part of the health & nutrition range at Hügli. They are sports drinks consisting of a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution. The defining feature of isotonic drinks is that they contain the same concentration of minerals that is also present in the blood. The nutrients quickly enter the circulation and can be used by the body. This helps maintain performance during long training sessions, ensures energy supply and the intake of water during physical exertion. Hügli offers powdered isotonic drink mixes in different flavours.


Jelly is a sweet dessert made from fruit juice and gelatin, which gives it a semi-solid consistency. The jelly can be set in molds Hügli produces jellies in different flavours.


Ketchup is a red sauce with a smooth consistency with a base of tomato purée. Hügli supplies ready-to-eat ketchup in bulk consumer packaging under the food service label brand Supro.

Liquid foods and supplemental nutrition

Liquid foods and supplemental nutrition are part of Hügli's Health & Nutrition product range. They are developed specifically with the needs of older and immune-compromised people in mind and help them meet their daily recommended energy and nutrient intake. The Hügli range includes supplemental nutrition shakes, porridge, soups and desserts. We can produce your products in consumer packaging as well as in bulk pack formats for health care facilities and retirement homes.


Mayonnaise is made from a mix of egg yolk, oil and spices. It can be used as a dipping sauce or as base for salad dressings. Hügli offers ready-to-eat mayonnaise in bulk consumer packaging under the food service label Supro.

Meal replacements

Meal replacements are dietary products for weight loss. One meal contains about one-third of the recommended daily nutritional intake and can therefore be used to replace a traditional meal without compromising on nutrition. They are generally used in the area of weight management to help customers lose weight. Hügli offers different types of meal replacements as powdered mixes.

Multi-purpose seasonings

Various types of seasonings fall under the category of multi-purpose seasonings. The Hügli assortment includes different seasoning salts, seasoning for chips and others.


Mustard is made from the seeds of the mustard plant. There are white, brown and black mustard seeds. They are sold unprocessed, as a powder or as a ready-to-eat paste (table mustard). Depending on the mixture of mustard seeds and the addition of other ingredients, different types of flavours and consistencies are created. Hügli offers ready-to-eat mustard in bulk consumer packaging under the food service label Supro.

Oven bag products (shake & bake)

Hügli oven bag products are seasoning mixes to help you create succulent and tasty fish, meat, chicken and vegetable dishes packed with flavour. Depending on the type of meal being prepared, the ingredients are placed in the oven bag along with the seasoning mix. The oven bag is then closed and shaken until the seasoning mix is evenly distributed. The bag is then placed in the oven and the meal is cooked.

Pasta Meals , Savoury Rice

These are dehydrated rice and pasta meals that a supplied with a sauce which can contain meat and vegetables. These convenience products can be rehydrated in a pan with water and then cooked for a short time to provide a pasta in sauce of savoury rice type meal. Some of these products are supplied in plastic pots and can be prepared away from the hot providing instant tasty light meals.

Pasta sauces

Refine your pasta dishes with our classic, ready to eat tomato sauces. The liquid sauces are produced at our Italian factory with authenticMediterranean ingredients and can be heated and enjoyed easily. Italian tomatoes, fresh basil and spicy chilli provide the basis of our recipes. Variations with ricotta or Parmesan cheese add diversity to the Italian ranges we offer. Our liquid sauces also include ethnic sauces, such as tikka masala, Indian and Thai Red and Green curries The liquid sauces from Hügli are the ideal accompaniment for meat and rice dishes and are readily available in organic quality.


Pesto has its origins in Italy and is a sauce with a paste-like consistency. It is generally served with pasta but it can also be used to add flavour to dishes as a seasoning or can be used as a spread on bread. Hügli offers pestos in many flavours, such as à la Genovese, à la Caprese, artichoke, radicchio, etc.


Porridges are made from cereals, which can be supplemented with other ingredients to provide distinct flavours profiles. Hügli produces porridge as dry blends which are then made up with hot milk, soy milk or water and served warm typically at breakfast. In the area of health & nutrition, our high nutrient porridges are highly popular amongst dieters as an alternative to shakes.

Protein drinks

Protein drinks are a core part of the sports nutrition product range at Hügli. They are produced as powdered drink mixes and are characterised by especially high protein contents. Protein is important for building and maintaining muscles. Providing the body with nutrients like protein during an intensive workout, for example, helps with muscle endurance and post exercise repair. Hügli produces many different types of powdered protein drink mixes.


Pudding is a creamy dessert made with milk, starch and, depending on the recipe, also eggs. Thanks to the starch, its consistency is creamy semi-solid. Typical flavours include chocolate and vanilla. Hügli produces pudding as a dry mix product in many other flavours. Prior to consumption, the base product is cooked with milk.

Recipe Mixes

Recipe mixes are generally seasoning blends that facilitate in the preparation of various recipe dishes, such as sauces, oven bakes, pastas meals and stews prepared in casserole dishes. Depending on the type of product, the seasoning blend is added to either fish, meat, poultry, vegetables and/or other ingredients. Among the range of Hügli products are recipe mixes for spaghetti Bolognese, Coq au Vin, Chili con carne, Thai Curry and and many more.

Rice pudding

Rice pudding is a dessert made with rice that is cooked slowly in milk. Depending on the recipe, the Hügli powdered mix is blended with milk or water prior to consumption.


The main ingredients of roux are wheat flour and fat and it is used to thicken sauces. The Hügli assortment contains light and dark roux as a dry mix and, upon request, it is also available free of allergens made with rice flour instead of wheat flour.


Sauces are typically served as a accompaniment various types of meals. Certain sauces, like chilli or curry sauces, can also be used for seasoning and marinating. Depending on the taste and type, their consistency can vary from liquid to viscous. Gravy, for example, is often liquid while sauces with a high cream content or those with a roux base tend to be more creamy. The diverse assortment of Hügli sauces includes powdered mixes as well as table-ready liquid products in many flavours.


Seasonings refer to blends of spices that we make for food manufactures in the food industry. Hügli produces seasonings either as a dry mix or as a paste.

Snack seasonings

Hügli snack seasonings are part of the extensive assortment of Hügli seasonings. They are blends of spices for food processing companies that produce salty or sweet snacks in the form of crisps, extrudates or pellets.


A distinction is made between clear soups and thick soups. A clear soup consists of a clear broth and any ingredient, such as noodles, vegetables or dumplings. All other soups, for example puréed soups or cream soups, fall under the category of thick soups. Soups are Hügli's speciality. Accordingly, the assortment of Hügli soups is extensive and ranges from classics, such as tomato soup or vegetable soup, to ethnic soups, such as miso or Thai, and gourmet soups, for example carrot and orange cream soup.

Sports nutrition

Sports nutrition products are products that have a series of functional and nutritional advantages for athletes. The Hügli assortment in this area includes protein shakes, isotonic drinks, whey drinks, supplemental nutrition products with a carbohydrate and protein base as well as powdered drink mixes with vitamins and minerals.

Stock cubes

A stock cube is a bouillon that has been pressed into a cube which can then be dissolved in hot water and used as a base for soups, as a warm drink or as seasoning for sauces and other meals. The most popular flavours are beef, chicken and vegetable, but other variations such as mushroom, fish, miso, stir-fry, garlic and herbs exist in our extensive ranges. Stock cubes from Hügli are available either as paste cubes or as hard pressed cubes and come in different pack sizes. The two types of cubes are distinguished by their consistency. Paste cubes are softer than hard pressed cubes which can be crumbled.

Weight gainers

Weight gainers or mass gainers are nutrient powders that help athletes gain weight. Weight gainers are useful for people with an ectomorphic (lean) body type, who have low body fat but, due to a fast metabolism, problems with building muscle mass. The products typically consist of about 65% carbohydrates, 25% protein and fat, vitamins and minerals. Hügli offers these products as a dry mix with either a neutral, flavour or with different flavours, such as vanilla or strawberry.

Whey drinks

Whey is a liquid that is a b-product of cheese production. It contains valuable nutrients, such as milk protein, lactose, minerals and vitamins, which are the basis of whey drinks. Because the body loses a lot of minerals and vitamins when sweating, whey drinks are very important for athletes because they compensate for the loss of vitamins and minerals. Hügli offers powdered whey drink mixes in different flavours.

Zer0 added – natural stocks

The products in the category "Zer0 added" can also be referred to as stocks. They are made without any additives and flavourings (as per the flavourings regulations). They are used in soups, sauces, ready meals, recipe mixes, snack pots, convenience products and dietary products to provide a base flavour.