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A flavourful match: European Championship 2024 meets Hügli Snackmixes!

Our product developers have created eight new snack mixes as a tribute to this year's European Championships. Not only the European Championship 2024, but also the comfort food trend has been taken up in our new flavours. Our snack mixes are reminiscent of familiar dishes from the participating European countries and will make you reminisce.

Football and pleasure double pass

Both football and food have the ability to bring people together, regardless of language, culture or background. They foster a bond of belonging and unity while creating shared memories and moments of celebration. These feelings can be enhanced by the current trend of comfort food. Whether gathered around a table or in front of a screen, cheering on your favourite team or enjoying a familiar dish, football and comfort food have the power to unite hearts and minds and evoke emotion and nostalgia. Like a warm hug that awakens familiar memories and provides security and comfort.


"We have endeavoured to create spices that taste good and trigger positive emotions. This has resulted in some great tasting flavours."
Amanda Mann
Flavourist UK, Food Industry at Hügli

Spicy playing field: Europe

On our culinary pitch, our snack mixes bring the best of a variety of European flavours to the table. Just like the teams on the pitch, each mix contributes its own flair and unique personality. From the tantalising Spanish churros to the delicate Italian truffle cream, and even the hearty German sauerkraut - at Hügli we play along with a variety of condiments from all over Europe.

Curious about our new snack mixes? Order a free Taster Box now!

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