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Internal snack tasting with Food Industry Seasonings

At the end of March, Hügli's staff restaurant in Steinach SG, Switzerland, was the venue for an internal snack tasting organised by Hügli Food Industry. This Hügli division specialises in the production of flavouring components for the food and snack processing industry.

A journey through the flavour world

At Hügli Food Industry, everything revolves around the art of flavour and the joy of enjoyment. We at Hügli recently had the pleasure of organising an internal tasting session. The snacks on display took employees on a flavourful journey through four different countries: Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom and Romania. New and unusual flavours, ingredients and recipes were celebrated.

"The curiosity, joy and enthusiasm of the employees to see their work in final customer products show that internal tastings are also of great importance. Because successes need to be celebrated."
Maria-José Stangl
Junior Project Manager Marketing at Hügli Food Industry

Internal tasting with Hügli snack mixes

The snacks on display for our customers were all made with Hügli Food Industry spices. The idea behind these internal tastings is to ensure that all employees at the respective location recognise their achievements in the final end products. After all, many employees from different teams are ultimately involved in a successful product. This event therefore not only served as an opportunity to explore the diversity of flavours, but also to show the importance of our products. Such tastings raise awareness of where Hügli snack mixes can be found.

If you would like to try our snack mixes, then order a tasting box here:

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