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24. October 2023

Mustard Comeback & Pickling Fermenting Notes - the Snack Seasonings of tomorrow

We are always one step ahead when it comes to trends. How about a new interpretation of mustard or the sour-sweet notes of pickled vegetables?

Mustard Comeback

Mustard is currently experiencing a veritable renaissance in gastronomy and the culinary sector. With its diverse flavours and ability to enhance the taste of various dishes, mustard is once again very much in demand. At Hügli, we recognised this development
early on and developed a selection of interesting snack seasonings for you. From classic Dijon Mustard to smoky Smoky Mustard to creative variations with different spices and herbs.

Pickling and Fermenting Notes

Another trend that we are paying great attention to is the sour-sweet flavours of fermented vegetables. These traditional preservation methods are currently experiencing a rebirth as more and more people re interested in fermented foods. We have created a range of exciting flavours for you, from Kimchi and German Style Sauerkraut to Pickled Onions - bringing the authentic taste of sour-sweet vegetables to tomorrow's snacks.


"By sending out tasting boxes, we present our trend knowledge and expertise in snack seasonings to snack manufacturers."
Francesco Poerio
Marketing Manager, Food Industry bei Hügli

Order a free Push Button Box now!

Snack producers can order our popular Taster Box from us with the following contents:

- Two doypacks with Snack Seasonings applied to chips


- Two sample tins of Snack Seasonings to prepare yourself


- Cards of the individual Trend Snack Seasonings

- Brochure with all important information

      We have everything for satisfied customers!

      At Hügli, we understand that the right snack seasoning makes all the difference and can make a snack unforgettable. We have many years of experience in developing high-quality seasonings for a wide range of snack products. With our wide range of raw materials, we create unique flavour profiles.

        Seasoning overview

        Mustard Comeback

        Snack Seasoning 1
        Dill Pickle MustardA piquant, tangy combination of dill pickle and mustard notes - convincing with its fresh finish.

        Snack Seasoning 2
        Mustard Ketchup Fusion: The sweetness of tomato meets the spiciness of mustard - two classics combine in this snack mix to create a unique taste experiment!

        Snack Seasoning 3
        Dijon MustardTypical Dijon Mustard note - straightforward, spicy heat with a gentle finish.

        Snack Seasoning 4
        Smoky MustardMild-hearted mustard complemented with a natural smoky note that adds an extra dimension of flavour to this snack mix.

        Snack Seasoning 5
        Honey Dill Mustard: 
        The snack classic in the Hügli interpretation - the sweetness of honey combined with the sharpness of mustard and a slight hint of dill. A delight.

        Snack Seasoning 6
        Pineapple Mustard: 
        The exotic in the round - sweet pineapple meets exotic spices and the sharpness of mustard.

        Pickling and Fermenting Notes

        Snack Seasoning 7
        KimchiAuthentic Kimchi - known from Korean cuisine. Fermented vegetables complemented with a hint of ginger and chilli!

        Snack Seasoning 8
        German Sauerkraut: Typical German sauerkraut with fried bacon cubes, hearty like in Munich's beer gardens.

        Snack Seasoning 9
        Pickled Onions: The classic - pickled onions! Combines sour, sweet and savoury flavours at the same time.

        Snack Seasoning 10
        Pickled Cucumbers: The well-known pickled cucumber, slightly acidic due to the vinegar and flavoured with classic spices.

        Snack Seasoning 11
        Bacon meets Pickled Jalapeño: Fried bacon, with its light smoky note, meets the sour and tangy flavours of pickled jalapeños.

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