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14. November 2023

Snack seasonings on the theme of Adventure Park - a rollercoaster ride for the taste buds

The new snack seasonings from Hügli Food Industry bring the flavours of an adventure park directly to your snacks. With various special effects, the palate experiences a rollercoaster ride.

Culinary adventure world

The sweet hint of churros, the heat of chilli, the spiciness of a hamburger, the tingling freshness of ginger beer and the acidity of juicy lemons - all of this can be found in the unique creations from Hügli Food Industry. Immerse yourself in this culinary world of adventure and let your taste buds go on an exciting journey. Treat yourself to a thrill and discover the diverse flavours of the new snack seasonings!

"The Adventure Park Snack Seasonings demonstrate the diverse possibilities of our innovations for the snack industry."
Francesco Poerio
Marketing Manager, Food Industry at Hügli

Order a free Taster Box now!

Snack manufacturers can order our popular Taster Box with the following contents from us:

- Two doypacks with snack seasonings applied to crisps

- Two sample tins with Snack Seasonings for your own preparation

- Brochure with the list of Snack Seasonings and all important information

      Flavour experts for snacks

      At Hügli, we realise that the right snack seasoning can make all the difference and give a snack that certain something. Our many years of expertise in creating first-class seasonings for various snack products speaks for itself. Our diverse selection of raw materials allows us to create unique flavour experiences.

        Seasoning overview

        Snack Seasoning 1
        Wicked Burger: Seasoning with a typical hamburger flavour. As a special effect, it colours the tongue blue and gives every snack that special kick.

        Snack Seasoning 2
        GingerBeer: GingerBeer Seasoning, which tingles on the tongue and gives every snack a refreshing and invigorating flavour.

        Snack Seasoning 3
        Hell Ride: The very intense version of Ghost Chilli is devilishly hot, but heavenly good. A hell of a ride for the palate!

        Snack Seasoning 4
        Churros: Typical churros, sprinkled with a generous helping of cinnamon. A real feast for the palate.

        Snack Seasoning 5
        Lemon vs. Lime:
        Super sour seasoning with an intense lemon and lime flavour that will make anyone's face grimace. The acid kick is guaranteed!

        Snack Seasoning 6
        Sweet 'n' Salty: Sweet and salty complement each other in the world of flavour like yin and yang. They create balance, are opposites and yet harmonious.

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