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24. October 2023

Tasting Box for Seasonings

Hügli presents current trend themes to snack manufacturers in Europe by sending out tasting boxes. "Amplified Heat" is the combination of pungency with freshness, spice and smoke. The implementation of this trend theme was proven with 10 unique snack seasonings.

As powder as well as two chip bags

Huegli's Food Industry business unit is a solution partner for the food processing industry and produces, among other things, snack seasonings for snack manufacturers. In autumn 2021, the snack manufacturers in Europe received a high-quality tasting box from Hügli. The box contains two cans of a snack seasoning in powder form as well as two bags of crisps for immediate consumption. The mailing was completed with a brochure presenting Hügli's comprehensive services for snack manufacturers. 

"By sending out tasting boxes, we present our trend knowledge and expertise in snack seasonings to snack manufacturers."
Francesco Poerio
Marketing Manager, Food Industry at Hügli

10 brand new Snack Seasonings

The trendy theme of the campaign was "Amplified Heat". It is the combination of heat with freshness, spice and smoke. Hügli's developers at the Steinach (SG) site have developed 10 brand new snack seasonings on this theme. The names already reveal the delicious taste: "Trinidad Scorpion Chili meets Lime", "Mustard Habanero Fusion" or "Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken". In this way, Hügli demonstrates its expertise in delicious spice blends and actively acquires new customers. In spring 2021 the BIO Seasonings theme was already advertised and in late autumn the "Bold & Smoked" theme followed. The mailings are accompanied by a LinkedIn advertising campaign.

    Seasoning overview

    Amplified Heat

    Snack Seasoning 1
    Fresh and juicy Jalapeño:
    The freshness of cucumber and lime paired with the spiciness of green jalapeño.

    Snack Seasoning 2
    Chipotle and Creme Fraiche:A beautiful combination of smoky hot chipotle chillies and the creamy fresh notes of crème fraiche.

    Snack Seasoning 3
    Trinidad Scorpion Chilli meets Lime:
    One of the hottest chillies in the world meets the fruity freshness of lime.

    Snack Seasoning 4
    Mustard Habanero Fusion:
    Fusion of spicy mustard and fiery habanero chillies.

    Snack Seasoning 5
    Pepper Heat:The complex flavour and heat of black pepper accompanied by meaty, spicy notes.

    Snack Seasoning 6
    Ginger Heat: The spiciness of fresh ginger supported by Asian flavours.

    Snack Seasoning 7
    Caribbean Jerk with Scotch Bonnet Chilli:
    Caribbean BBQ with authentic jerk notes including the heat of Scotch Bonnet chillies

    Snack Seasoning 8
    Fire roasted spices with Bhut Jolokia:
    Fire roasted spice blend with the burning heat of Bhut Jolokia chillies

    Snack Seasoning 9
    Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken: Grilled chicken marinated with typical African spice blend, creamy coconut and spicy Scotch Bonnet chillies

    Snack Seasoning 10
    Hot'n Smoky: Smoky hot flavour explosion of chipotle chillies.

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