Training with taste

Are you looking for the recipe for your career start? Our trainee film shows how diverse the training and professional world is at Hügli in Germany. Click in to find out more:

Diverse job profiles

Whether you prefer to cook according to instructions or prepare whatever is in the fridge - Hügli combines training expertise with interesting concepts for everyone. For many decades, our company has been training with great success.

"Hügli - because TRAINING is a top priority here".

What else do we offer? 

●  internship abroad for several weeks at all Bell Food Group locations in Europe for ALL job profiles

●  interesting trainee projects during the training, e.g. creating an online platform for exchange, organisation of career fairs

●  attractive apprenticeship pay

●  Social benefits such as travel allowance, free work clothing, company fitness with Hansefit, canteen meals and pension scheme

●  Introductory week: to make your arrival easier

●  Teambuilding & experiential education seminars during the training

●  Apprentice event with all German-speaking apprentices of the Bell Food Group

●  After the apprenticeship: at least 6 month takeover guarantee

We train in the following professions*:

●  Industrial clerks with additional qualification in international
     business management
●  IT specialist for system integration
●  DH study program Business Administration Industry
●  DH degree program in Business Administration Food Management
●  DH degree course in Business Administration Human
     Resource Management
●  Specialist for food technology
●  Warehouse logistics specialist
●  Mechatronics technician
●  Machine and plant operator with a focus on food

*All personal designations apply to all genders.

Acquiring a taste? 

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