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26.09.2017 Dr Alexander Stoffel deceased
18.08.2017 Trough has bottomed out in the first half of 2017
17.05.2017 Hügli shareholders approve all proposals with a large majority
11.04.2017 Solid profitability despite lower earnings
31.01.2017 Acquisition-related sales increase in difficult market environment
17.11.2016 Weaker sales reduces expectations for 2016
23.08.2016 Hügli acquires majority stake in Bresc B.V.
19.08.2016 Hügli maintains profitability in demanding market environment
25.05.2016 Hügli shareholders approve all proposals with a large majority
13.04.2016 Excellent sale and earnings growth in local currency in 2015 compensates for high exchange rate losses
28.01.2016 High sales growth 2015, affected by currencies
11.11.2015 Frank von Glan new Division Head Consumer Brands and Member of Group Executive Management
26.10.2015 Personnel changes in the Group Executive Management
19.08.2015 Hügli generates more sales and profit despite currency losses exceeding -10%
20.05.2015 Hügli shareholders approve all proposals with a large majority
15.04.2015 Solid growth, significantly improved earnings
27.03.2015 Dr. Andreas Binder nominated for the Board of Directors
29.01.2015 Solid sales growth 2014, over-proportional increase in earnings
16.12.2014 Hügli strengthens its natural food business through takeover of primaVita brand business
20.08.2014 Hügli achieves significant earnings growth
21.05.2014 General meeting approves all proposals with a large majority
15.04.2014 Hügli’s profits soar in 2013, positive outlook
29.01.2014 Sales growth of +13.1% in 2013, earnings clearly improved
20.08.2013       Huegli achieves good earnings growth
15.07.2013Personnel change in the group executive management
15.05.2013General meeting 2014
17.04.20132012 year of transition, bringing lower income but a positive outlook
29.01.2013Stable revenues, lower earnings 2012
07.12.2012Take-over of sales activities of German Vogeley Group
14.11.2012Personnel changes in the group executive management
08.11.2012Drop in sales in Q3 reduces forecasts for 2012
17.08.2012Gross margin drops due to higher raw materials prices in H1 2012
23.05.2012General meeting 2012
12.04.2012Huegli records EBIT margin of 8,6% on a difficult market
27.01.2012Moderate organic growth in 2011
16.08.2011Operating result marked by soaring raw materials prices and strong Swiss Franc
20.06.2011Personnel changes in group executive management as per 1 July 2011
11.05.2011General meeting 2011
14.04.2011Best ever results in earnings and profitability
27.01.2011Good financial year 2010 for Huegli
30.12.2010Changes to the board of directors and group management as per 2011
13.08.2010Continued improvements in H1 earnings
19.05.2010General meeting 2010
17.05.2010Huegli sells a non-strategic product line in the Czech Republic
15.04.2010Satisfactory increase in income / Stronger organic sales growth
27.01.2010Increased organic sales growth in H2 2009
14.08.2009Strong development in earnings
24.07.2009Huegli will adopt Swiss GAAP FER
13.05.2009Solid start through April 2009 with organic sales growth of +1,5%
15.04.2009Sustained strong organic sales growth
27.01.2009Sustained Sound organic sales growth
15.08.2008Dynamic sales development
14.05.2008Huegli Holding shareholders approve all proposals
11.04.2008Sustainable organic sales growth
04.02.2008Huegli strengthens Industrial Foods business in the UK
25.01.2008Steady sales growth in all segments
13.04.2007Continued solid sales growth of the Huegli Group
21.04.2006Huegli continues road to success
22.04.2005Huegli on the road to success