24. October 2023

Bold and Smoked - the Snack Seasonings of tomorrow

"Bold and Smoked" is the authentic and full-bodied taste of smoke. A trend flavour that is emerging on the food market worldwide. Hügli has created 15 new snack seasonings for this trend theme.

Smoke gives a full-bodied note

Smoke and smoked foods have been part of the meal since the beginning of time. After all, cooking over a fire used to be the only way to prepare a meal. In recent years, restaurants and the entire food industry have come back to the simplicity of cooking. Around the world, the number of smoky notes in food is increasing. Many restaurant kitchens have taken back the originality that comes from the primitive way of cooking over fires. At the same time, the way in which smoke is also or rather is used in menu preparation is becoming more diverse and creative. After all, smoke gives food an authentic and full-bodied flavour.

"By sending out tasting boxes, we present our trend knowledge and expertise in snack seasonings to snack manufacturers."
Francesco Poerio
Marketing Manager, Food Industry at Hügli

15 new Snack Seasonings

Huegli has taken these market impulses and applied them to its snack seasonings. With "Bold and Smoked", Hügli has created 15 new seasonings that are second to none. The smoky taste in the Hügli Seasonings comes entirely from the smoked food processed in them. They come completely without the addition of smoke flavourings that have to be declared. Various snack manufacturers in Europe have received a tasting box from Hügli with two bags of chips for immediate tasting and two sample tins for their own preparation.

    Seasoning overview

    Bold and Smoked

    Snack Seasoning 1
    Sweet and Smokey:
    A pleasant meeting of sweet and smoky flavours.

    Snack Seasoning 2
    Smoked Garlic Bread:
    Crispy garlic bread with authentic butter flavour rounded off with a delightful smoky note.

    Snack Seasoning 3
    Smoked Cheese:
    Lovely creamy cheese notes paired with subtle smoke.

    Snack Seasoning 4
    Oakwood Smoked Hot Paprika:
    Oakwood-smoked, spicy paprika seasoning.

    Snack Seasoning 5
    Smoked Veggies:
    Rounded vegetable notes with natural barbecue flavour.

    Snack Seasoning 6
    Creamy Smoked Curry:
    Smoked curry powder embedded in full-bodied creamy notes.

    Snack Seasoning 7
    Hickory Smoked Asian Style BBQ:
    A harmonious blend of authentic Asian spices and characteristic hickory wood smoke.

    Snack Seasoning 8
    Fire Roasted Tomato with Smoked Onion:
     The classic at any barbecue - sweet tomato and fine onions are given a distinctive smoky note when grilled.

    Snack Seasoning 9
    Beach Smoked Herbcrusted Primerib:
    Hearty primerib coated in an herb crust, rounded off with beech wood smoke.

    Snack Seasoning 10
    Sweet'n'Sticky Mesquite Smoked BBQ:
    Full-flavoured sweet barbecues meet the earthy smoky flavour of mesquite wood.

    Snack Seasoning 11
    Harwood Smoked Chicken Wings with Ghost Chili:
    Fiery hot Ghost Chili chicken wings with authentic smoked flavour.

    Snack Seasoning 12
    Smoky Whiskey BBQ Glace:
    Grilled spareribs on a distinctive smoky whiskey barbecue marinade.

    Snack Seasoning 13
    Hickory Smoked Mapleglazed Porkchops:
     Porkchops glazed with fine maple syrup and smoked in bold hickory smoke.

    Snack Seasoning 14
    Smoked Chicken with Mango Chutney:
    Varied flavour sequence of marinated grilled chicken and the sweet fruity taste of mango chutney.

    Snack Seasoning 15
    Mesquite Smoked Peppercorn Brisket: 
    Gently mestiquewood-smoked beef brisket accompanied by notes of black pepper.

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